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Surajit Saha

5 Mistakes to Avoid While Getting PPC Services

2:24 pm
5 Mistakes to Avoid While Getting PPC Services
July 31, 2014

PPC is one of the most successful internet marketing techniques. There is a stiff competition seen between PPC and SEO campaigns. But both have made their mark in the online marketing world. Pay per click helps getting faster positive results if it is done properly. Here the world “properly” relates to avoiding mistakes in PPC campaign in order to get excellent results in a short span of time. Here are 5 important mistakes that you must avoid during your pay per click campaign.

Lack of Focus on Keywords

Like SEO, the cost per click marketing success is much depended on searching of the right keywords. Therefore, it is required to pay attention in the most searched, relevant and result oriented keywords. Though, the Google Adwords, free keyword research tool, has been banned but still you have very effective paid keyword tools are available that help you to find out the right keywords and tell you how much the selected keyword is competitive.

Bidding on Generic Terms

Instead of wasting your precious time in bidding on generic terms, try to bid on the keywords that help you to get targeted traffic to your landing page. In other words, your prime aim is to increase the traffic that provide profits to your business and for which targeting “long tail keywords” is a brilliant idea. For example, a generic term ‘dresses’ gets lots of traffic but if you target specific long tail keywords like ‘prom dresses, party dresses for women” might help you to get the best result. Bidding on long tail keywords are of lesser price but the result in sales is far better than generic.

Avoiding Competitor’s PPC Analysis

The online world is the platform that offers you to analyse your competitor’s PPC campaigns closely so that you can make your pay per click campaign better than them to raise a tough competition among you and your competitors.

Landing Page Different from Your PPC Ad

What is the advertisement content promise to provide, the same thing your landing pages should be hold. It helps to engage visitors and increases profits. For example, a PPC ad promise to provide discounts on a certain service, the same thing the landing page carries.

Not Tracking ROI by Keyword

PPC experts are who examined keyword performance every day. They are responsible to make the campaign successful by shortlisting those keywords that help tracking the ROI. In other words, increases the company profits for which PPC has started.

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