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Be conscious about .htaccess for solving canonical issue

January , 2013
Posted by Surajit Saha
Be conscious about .htaccess for solving canonical issue

Web content, innumerably produced every second in this virtual world. Immeasurable keywords are being searched everyday by the content researchers. But what really makes the web masters worry more is URL duplication. This is something that has really raised the eyebrows of those masters upon the website owners. Such factors are popularly known as Canonical issue.

Why canonical issues are born?

Many of the e-businessmen are thinking of duplicating the URL such that traffic can be welcomed in through the dark paths. If you are still not aware about this then surely research out as much required so that you can rank to the top of the SERP Search engine result page.

The source of canonical issues: .htaccess file!

This .htaccess file issaid to be a configuration file of directory-level that gets the support of many web servers. Thus it helps to access control over character set, web content, and CGI handlers which plays a quite a loyal role in protecting URL from being encrypted by others.

Thereby it enables you to allow certain users according to their IP address.

Also directory listing enables you to exercise control over the attitude of the web pages at a server.

Hence now you can understand the importance of .htpasswd file (store house of user names and their passwords).

But why are such consciousness raised against .htaccess file?

The disadvantages:

Since Controlling Apache is the only measure of security thus it has been noticed for every of request of HTTP. Even the additional files are being provided for checking the possibility of other .htaccess files to be present in the parent directory and send to the main server configuration file that might be decreased presentation wise.

Also if the web server’s configuration is being allowed to access then there are chances of security being lost. This is a serious concern for the marketing experts who are assuring of other generative directions.

You must also know that .htaccess helps to decrease the speed of your website which is truly harmful for the eCommerce websites. The only reason, according to many critics, is converting the www to non www which also includes index.php being removed from the URL.

Many have also reciprocated the carelessness on the side of the web servers that puts such sites to be hosted on a busy server therefore being slowed by the presence of neighborhood. The search engines truly need an innovative tool to handle this amazing feature .htaccess in the most specialized manner.

The simple way out:

Nowadays it is very easy to solve canonical issue and make your content go spam free. This tool of .htaccess is said to have saved a millions of websites from being penalized and be thrown out of the search list. In fact more the URLs are being written in a much simpler manner such that it can beautifully bypass the Canonical issue. With options of quicker changes in .htaccess files, surely the server does not restart for adapting the new changes.

Thus .htaccess helps you to look beyond what you desire!

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