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Surajit Saha

Know Google Analytics with new features

7:32 am
Know Google Analytics with new features
January 23, 2013

In this competitive world of e-business, you need to analyze more than thinking of any new product launch. After all understanding the market and proceeding accordingly is a very tough step to be taken. Other than that there are the web critics that demonstrate the direction of the growth of any web company. One of the most popular web masters, Google, has taken the initiatives to really give a detailed analysis about the sale proceeds of your website, much better than those critics. But is that possible? Google Analytics has born to relieve those tensed businessmen that get motivated with such analytics offered to them.

GA dashboards:

Developing up to 20 personalized dashboards, along with widgets and formats, is something that produces better success in annual sales return. This enables you to quickly access the statistics of your website’s performance which can be used by all the users using the same ID. What matters most in Dashboards are bounce rate, goal completion, and visits of your audiences for commencing success!

GA Keyword Clouds:

The new buzz in the town of websites is the clouds of keywords. This is one criterion where you do not have to write article or anything similar to install the keywords on your website. All you need to do is place in all the preferred keywords and highlight those that have higher demands in the website ranking.

GA Webmaster Tools:

The apt tool that measure web visitor is GA webmaster tools. A tabulated statistics really gives a prompt reaction to you and your competitors. Well that’s where any fakeness becomes prominent enough for you to provide CTR data for analytics. You might find some of the analysis not to be accurate enough but they are been designed in order to give an overall view of what is exactly more demanding, you or your rivals.

GA Site Speed:

Previously this factor was not at all given much of a preference but as the days passing by, speed have helped to determine the high costs paid by those visitors opening up the sloppy sites. After all it is of no use of decreasing quality that initiates your website to lower its rank.

GA Event Tracking:

To understand goal interaction, now you do not require the help of a URL in the virtual page view. Thus now the goals are considered to be events that track the period for which the visitors ponder upon your website.

If your trade has becone a crucial part of web marketing, then surely you need to use the SEO tools very intelligently otherwise do not hesitate to take the help of a professional. In fact the more advanced this analytical tool becomes the better will be the evaluating feature. Thus Google Analytics is said to be enhancing the importance of social network traffic at your site. Now the websites seem to be in the true shape in accordance to the search engines and their demands.

Have you tried out the newer version of theGoogle Analyticsand its apps?

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