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Surajit Saha

Some influential tips which you don’t follow for blog post

12:19 pm
Some influential tips which you don’t follow for blog post
September 4, 2012

Blogs are getting highly modified in terms of information. It will be best to go with some parameters when we are writing or maintaining a blog. These are being taken in to a high consideration for making a viewer come to your site and be one of your potential customers. Now you need to be very cautious about these things as now with the recent updates you need to be more vigilant for effective blog marketing.

The main intention is to make SEO friendly blog so that it can be easily optimized. But like the dos, you need to figure out the don’ts too. You must read following lines so that you can understand and get a right track over the whole subject.

You must clear out all the confusing lines that are nonsensical. That means it should be meaningful and straight to the point. It will help you to make things in a better way. So you can cut short the thing that you like to be with and make sure that the remaining does not sounds odd to the viewers.

–It is better not to link the posts that are old and cold. This will make the whole site looks dirty and not enough ideas will be placed in case of these ideas when presented to the market. Google spiders will be confused and make sure that you are not giving enough effort to all the sites.

–It is better not to link with other bloggers. This will make you lie between the conversations. On that note you cannot make sure that you are having the right concept for the total area that you are hoping to get things in a way.

–It will be best not to keep the title empty. In this case you can check out all the other reputed blogs which are making it a complete success. All these things should be maintained in a particular way.

–Those sites which are having dump URLs those can create a major issue for the blogs. The concept of blogs needed to be cherished in a way to make things go in a perfect way.

–Plagiarism will not be accepted in case of thee popular blog. That means you need to produce unique and fresh contents that are actually giving the readers a scope to get the best out of every ideas that is required to make things in a right way.

–If you are not posting enough posts within a month then it can create issue and neglected blogs are not getting any response from the Google spiders.

–Never write big blocks of content on the other hand you can write short chunks which easy to understand and making it interesting for reading it.

–It will not create enough presence if you are not having enough social media presence.

–It is a bad habit to force or beg the readers to leave a comment. If they like the SEO blog then they will automatically make it good.

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